In the light of the recent pandemic crisis, Signs Now has worked with numerous clients to enable them to get ready for re-opening their business post lockdown. We have developed a raneg of products to help to ensure that staff and customers are guided to follow safe distancing and hygiene standards. You can take a look at these in our Social Distancing Guide for Commercial Enterprises.

    It is sometimes thought that manufacturing premises require a minimum amount of signage - mostly for safety and directional signage.

    However, we see more and more companies wanting to invest in stylish exterior signage as a way of projecting their brand image.

    Signs for manufacturers could include built up letters, a box tray sign, a flex-face sign, flat wall signs, a post and panel sign or a monolith sign

    This approach will apply to any reception or showroom facility on the premises as well.

    Signs Now can work with you on every aspect of signage - whether internal or external.