While some businesses may be content to be hidden away in the backwater of an estate, there are many more who need signage that will create that vital right first impression.

it could be a visitor to your estate looking to find your premises in the midst of so many similar looking units and roads.

Does that visitor get the right first impression when they park outside your unit?

It is also useful to consider your own staff - does the signage make them feel proud of the business they work for?

More and more businesses find a need to show their unit on their website or on Google Maps. We will have all been on street view looking for that unit we are due to visit - what impression does it convey?

Companies based in industrial units will know the substantial cost of purchasing or renting those premises - for a fraction of that investment you can ensure that the appearance of your premises serves your business well.

Over the past few years, there has been substantial growth in businesses operating from trading industrial units.

As a result of this, Signs Now has worked with many companies to complete projects and we would like to share our achievements with you! Take a look at the galleries we have below and you will get some ideas for how we can help you.

Sign tray and flat cut letters



        In this case we have designed and fitted a Sign Tray to show the name Universal Balancing.


         For the logo and the company name we have used Flat Cut Letters & Logo





Built up Letters


         For this client we have installed Built Up (3D) Letters


          These can be illuminated if you wish







          At the entrance to this unit we installed a free-standing monolith sign


          This tells people who you are - and where to go