Restaurant & Bar Signs

    Signs Now has worked with thousands of bars, cafes, and restaurants across the country. Signage is often over-looked as each business invests heavily in the interior premises but when you consider the high rents and rates that are paid in the high street it is absolutely vital to attract passing business.

    In the light of this pandemic crisis we have been working with a number of restaurants to enable them to ensure safe social distancing for their staff and their customers. To this end we have created a Social Distancing Guide for Restaurants which contains a number of useful and innovative products

    Signs for restaurants or bars could include built-up letters, flat cut letters, an illuminated sign,  window graphics, a post and panel sign, a monolith or wall signs

    There is evidence to show that we form 8-10 impressions in less than 5 seconds when looking at a high street business. We can work with you to ensure that you convey the image you desire.

    Is it friendly?

    Is it modern?

    What does it do?

    Has it got what I am looking for?

    Is it expensive or cheap or value for money?

    Does it suggest quality?

    Is it inviting or not?

    Is it trendy or old-fashioned?

    Does it give me a reason to enter? (like a sale promotion)

    Can I contact it out of hours? (a website and/or phone number should be visible)