Shop signs

Based on our many years of experience of designing, making and fitting shop signs we would suggest the following Guide for Shop Signs.

As a shop you will know all about the importance of creating the right first impression for people passing by your retail store.

You would like them to stop and call in if they believe they need something that you sell.

It is estimated that people reach 8-10 conclusions on first looking at someone or something

  • Is it safe or intimidating?
  • Is it cheap or expensive?
  • Are they likely to sell what I want?
  • Is it friendly or uncertain?
  • Will the product be quality or nasty?
  • Is it popular or not?
  • Does it make me feel hungry or thirsty?
  • Is it open or closed?
  • Is it busy or quiet?

A sound investment in the right signage will help you to positively answer these questions.

We have wide range of shop sign products that can help you to give the right first impression - flat cut letters, built up letters, external wall signs, fascia signs and window graphics will all help to get your message over

Digital signage is becoming more and more popular in high street shops and it is becoming cheaper and more affordable. If you are thinking of Digital Signage take a look at our product offering.

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