Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are very popular and we have made and fitted thousands of such signs across the UK.

We would bring your attention to three of our product ranges:

The traditonal Lightbox. You will see many of these in your local high street. You might also notice that in some cases,that a tube inside the box has stopped working and the lightbox has become partly lit - which looks terrible. We fit all our illuminated signs with LEDs. It makes the sign more expensive but the signs are much more reliable, less costly to maintain, give a clear crisper more consistent light and they use a fraction of the energy.

With the Standard Illuminated sign the whole sign is solid aluminium with your letters and logo cut out of the face. It is a slightly more expensive sign but it looks great.

Top of our range is the Deluxe Illuminated Sign which features cut-out and in-set 10mm thick coloured letters which not only illuminate themselves but create a white halo effect around them.