In the light of the pandemic crisis, Signs Now has been working with a large number of clients on how to ensure safe social distancing behaviour in their workplace. To that end we have developed a Social Distancing Guide for Offices which contains a number of useful and innovative products.

    Law firms can be found on the high street, in the professional districts and even on industrial parks these days. The signage conveys an impression of your firm - often that vital first impression.

    Law firms aim to convey an image of integrity and trust. The first impression given by the signage needs to impress the visitor.

    Signs for siolicitors could include built-up letters, flat cut letters, an illuminated sign, or window graphics

    We can design just the right signs that you need to go outside your premises, on to your street-facing windows and in your reception area.

    We have worked with many law firms across the country:-

    • Martin Shepherd Solicitors  - London
    • David Bunn & Co - Birmingham
    • Simpsons Solicitors - Bristol
    • Marshalls Solicitors - Goldalming
    • Jung Solicitors - London
    • Lloyds Law Solicitors - Oldham
    • Clear Law Solicitors - Manchester
    • BJ & Co (Solicitors) Limited - Liverpool
    • Fletchers Solicitors - Southport
    • Higgs & Sons - West Midlands
    • Bower & Bailey - Bristol