In the light of the pandemic crisis, Signs Now has been working with a large number of clients on how to ensure safe social distancing behaviour in their workplace. To that end we have developed a Social Distancing Guide for Offices which contains a number of useful and innovative products.

    As you will know, the recruitment industry is ferociously competitive with so many companies competing for the attention of potential employers and potential staff.

    Signs Now is an experienced specialised supplier of signs to the recruitment sector.

    Signs for recruitment agencies might include built up letters, a box tray sign, an illuminated flex-face, flat cut letters and window graphics

    A number of recruitment agencies can be found on the busy high street - where we would suggest that you consider illuminated signs, hanging or projecting signs, and window graphics. We can work with you to design the best image for your business for the amount of budget you have to work with.

    In many cases the agency will use a photo of its offices on its website and other marketing material - which makes it even more vital to deliver that right first impression.