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National Companies

In the light of the recent pandemic crisis, Signs Now has worked with numerous clients to enable them to get ready for re-opening their business post lockdown. We have developed a raneg of products to help to ensure that staff and customers are guided to follow safe distancing and hygiene standards. You can take a look at these in our Social Distancing Guide for Commercial Enterprises.

As a company with a number of branches around the UK and with our own in-house fabrication facility and our own employed installation crews, Signs Now is one of the few sign-makers able to offer a full sign service to national companies,

This is of a particular advantage to national companies operating with multiple sites. At the moment such a client may experience any or all of the following problems:-

  1. Over a number of years each site tends to sort out its own signage and so you get a clutter of the old and new and very often just too many signs around.
  2. Different sign makers using different materials and printers can lead to widely varying interpretations of the company's brand guidelines
  3. By using various sign makers over a number of years the company may find that its strict guidelines for approved vendors is being breached on a regular basis.
  4. Prices will vary widely as between the different sign makers.

What we offer is a National Service:-

  1. We will work closely with your Marketing Department to ensure that your brand guidelines are met exactly. This is a very demanding process.
  2. We can ensure a consistent brand image on each site.
  3. We can survey each site and recommend removal of old/obsolete/contradictory signs - to ensure a consistent clear signage approach at each site
  4. You can use your purchasing power to get the best overall contract prices 

If your organisation is working on a re-brand or a merger or acquisition - then we can use our resources to move very quickly on the project of altering signage across many sites

Here are some of the projects we have worked on in recent years:-

Culina Logistics - a re-brand over more than 30 sites in just 3 months

Thyssenkrupp - a re-brand across more than 60 sites in just 3 months

Johnny Johnson Housing - a re-brand across more than 60 sites in 2 months

Baldwins Accountants - a re-brand across over 80 offices in 2 months

Hilton Hotels - a signage project for over 60 hotels in the UK in 2017-2018