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shop signs fascias collage

This simple guide is designed to help you consider issues you need to address when buying new retail shop signs. As well as your main fascia sign you could also consider the use of:

Window Graphics

Projecting Signs (illuminated or not)

Pavement A-board Signs

PVC Banners



Some basic rules to consider

Your outdoor signage is important because it’s what gets customers in the door — the largest hurdle to beginning a relationship with a potential customer. Exterior signage is the first impression customers have of your business.

Your signs need to do more than simply announce who you are; they need to draw in customers and make them want something from you. Effective signage may encourage people who have passed your store many times before to finally give it a chance and cross your threshold. 

When designing your shopfront, it’s important to consider how easy it will be to see your business from across the street or from a moving car or bike. So, the size of text on your shopfront signs must be readable from a distance.

Use contrasting colours;  The contrast between the colour of the text that you use and the background, along with the font you choose, will affect your sign’s readability.

Keep it simple. Use the five second rule when drafting sign copy: if your sign can’t be read in 5 seconds, it needs to be shortened. Keep the information clear and concise for maximum impact.

Approach your wordage like a journalist. A driving principle of print journalism states that “the punch-line matters.” Keep this in mind while you plan your wording.

Follow the industry signage formula. A good sign’s content will follow a simple message hierarchy: headline, explanatory text, and finally, a call to action – or put another way  ‘Who you are, What you do & How to get hold of you’.

Set goals for your signs. Every sign needs a call to action, and that call to action should be your goal. If your goal is to attract customers for a weekend sale, you need to tell them when, where, how, and why they should come by.  If you are looking to entice people into your shop then it needs to be visually attractive, stimulate a desire and be informative.

Having considered all this, let’s now see some examples of the different types of signs you can have.


Main Fascia Sign

main fascia shop signs

There are several options available depending on budgets & whether your business is open in the evenings & requires illumination.

Fascia signs can be completely flat panels, can be made into neater box trays, or for larger signs can be ‘Flex-face’ signs.

With the first two options you can incorporate raised flat-cut or built-up individual letters & logos as seen below.  These individual letters can also be fixed directly onto a building doing away with the need for an actual fascia (if building is suitable).


Illuminated Fascia Sign

illuminated fascia signs

You can choose to light your fascia sign or letters internally (lights inside your sign or letters) or externally (with a trough light above).


Projecting Sign

projecting signs

These are very useful for getting your business noticed.  Because they project out from your building, they enable someone to see your shop from further away.

Different types are available and can be illuminated.


How much will a Fascia Sign cost me?

It is difficult to provide exact pricing for fascia signs as they are by their nature a bespoke product.  As you have seen prices will depend on size, specs, different options, illumination, etc.  To help you work out potential costs we have put together some approximate costs below based upon a typical fascia which would measure 5000mm wide by 750mm deep:

1   A flat aluminium composite fascia sign

Flat Cut High Street Sign

£450 - £600 (plus installation)


2  A Box tray fascia sign - giving a 3D effect to your sign

Box Tray High Street Sign

£650 - £800 (plus installation)

3 A Box tray fascia sign with the addition of Raised Flat Cut Letters

Box Tray with Raised Letters

£850 - £1150 (plus installation)


4  A Fret Cut Tray with internal illumination

Fret Cut Tray

£1400 - £1850 (plus installation)

5   Box tray fascia sign with Built Up Letters

Box Tray with Built Up Letters

£3000 plus


How much will I have to pay for installation?

As part of our installation service we organise for two experienced highly trained fitters to remove your old signage and to install your new signage. We ensure that a proper risk assessment is carried out and that our installers work to a safe method of work statement. This gives you the peace of mind that the work is being carried out safely and poses minimal risk to your staff and customers. It allows us to guarantee your signs for a 5 year period - a guarantee which is unique in our industry.

How long does it take? 

From approval of your artwork then you would be looking at 2-3 working weeks on average. If you need your signs quicker than that - then talk to us and we can usually accommodate rush jobs.


Window Graphics

window graphics

A useful addition to any business to get you noticed, provide extra information on your services or offers, provide privacy or just to add a finishing touch to any shop front.

These can be words, logos, can include photos or simply just be decorative. They can be bold, colourful or a more subtle ‘etched’ look.


Pavement Signs and Banners

pavement signs and banners

As well as the key signs outlined already, you may also like the idea of a pavement freestanding A-board, or a banner to promote offers or grab attention.  Banners can be fixed flat to walls or can project out from the building.

With A-board signs, you may have a permanent message, or you can have one whereby you insert offers, menus, etc.

Hopefully, this simple guide has been helpful in starting to look at your new business signs.

Signs Now has been a supplier of quality signs to 1000’s of business across the UK & Europe for over 20 years.  We have a great deal of experience in all aspects of design, manufacture & installation.  We can help you with your sign requirements whether ones you see in this guide or lots of other types of signs we can supply.  Please contact us to discuss.

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For reference, all of our guides are available as handy downloads, please see below


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