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nottingham city centre

Nottingham, known worldwide as the home of Robin Hood is one of the U.K.s top destinations to visit. The city has a rich and varied industrial history from lace-making to bicycles (notably Raleigh bikes) and tobacco.

It is also where one of Britain's favourite condiments, HP sauce was invented by Nottingham Grocer, Frederick Garton. He named the sauce HP after discovering that it was being served in a restaurant at the Houses of Parliament.

These days Nottingham is highly popular as a shopping destination due to its great variety of shops from tiny independents and cool vintage shops to the high street faithfuls and shopping centres.

This is matched with a great food and bar scene and when day turns to night, Nottingham is especially known for its thriving  and varied nightlife, again attracting visitors from all over the U.K.

With all of this variety the opportunities for sign makers are plentiful and we have supplied many of the signs that you will see scattered around the city centre and beyond.

Signs Now presence is most heavily felt in the midlands, emanating out from the central core of our head office in Wolverhampton where our state of the art production facilities are housed. Along with our local branch and local knowledge we are perfectly positioned to tackle any sign project of any size or scale.

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