Signs Now Leicester

leicester city

Leicester is one of the UK's oldest cities and has been around for over 2000 years! It has grown to become the 10th largest city in the UK with a total population of 330,000 and rising.

The city has showed remarkable resilience to change and adaptation over the years with a history from traditional to innovative industries to the rich retail destination it is today.

One not so well known fact is that Leicester is the home to the modern English language as we know it. Incredible to think that this was the genesis for over one billion English speakers worldwide.

So, what better place then for Signs Now to base themselves as part of their East Midlands coverage? Every sign we create conveys a message through language so its pretty fitting that we have a connection to where it all began.

We have created signs that can be seen all over the city adding to the ever changing evolution of the city.

If you are based in Leicester, the signs are most definitely there, so call us now for an expert consultation with one of our resident sign experts.

Tel: 0116 366 1713