Veterinary Signage

Post & Panel sign

Greensands Vets , Milton Keynes

Emma and her partner previously worked at St George’s vets in Wolverhampton. We have done all their signs over the last few years so knew our work. They contacted myself as they were taking the plunge and taking over their own vets and relocating to Milton Keynes. We provided two post and panel signs to form a V-Shape. Individual cut letters and logo in the shape of a paw print to go onto brick work and a porch. We also fitted window graphics. The project required a quick turnaround period to coincide with the take over. The installers also had the challenge of landscape gardening whilst on site. This was the removal of a section of the hedge to install the post and panel sign. The lead installer Zack taking a nettle to the face in the process.


We had to remove 2 existing signs. One which was on posts and one above the ground floor window.


Emma was delighted with our customer service and everyone was impressed by the end  product. As a result of this job, we landed a nice order from the hairdressers opposite!

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