Proclaiming your Values

Wall art graphics

The Mawney Foundation School , Havering

The Mawney Foundation School, based in Havering, believes that children learn best if they are motivated and challenged with a great emphasis on Reading, Writing and Maths. The school is housed in a very new modern building and the head teacher, Mrs Chris Knight, believed that this created a rather sterile environment.

Kevin Jukes was the Signs Now Surveyor for this job and was asked for his advice. Kevin is an experienced surveyor who has been with Signs Now for 13 years. He had no hesitation putting forward the idea of "wall art" which has worked successfully for many Signs Now clients in education and in business. One of the parent governors is a professional designer and they worked with Kevin to produce these fantastic designs. The job of the sign maker here is to choose the right vinyl for the walls in the school so that the graphics wil remain in place and look great for many years to come. Once the right material is chosen, it requires the skill and patience of the Signs Now Installers to position and place the graphics as required.

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