Making offices safe and relevant

Wall art

Muller UK , Droitwich

In 1971 Theobald Alfons Muller took over the running of his father's dairy farm in Bavaria.  In 1987 Muller entered the UK market for the first time. Today Muller is the nation's favourite dairy brand - sourcing milk from over 1600 farmers in Britain. Muller operate 11 major dairies including one at Droitwich.

The opportunity was taken recently to refurbish the offices at Droitwich and  this enabled Signs Now to add 4 kinds of signage to the offices:-

  • Conventional office signage - such as door signs, name signs, direction signs, etc.
  • Social distancing signage to allow workers to work more safely - inlcuding protective acrylic screens fitted to every desk
  • Wall art to display some of the work and activities of the company - including dairy cows, the milk lorries and some of the products.
  • Stand-off flat cut letters and logos

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