High Street Revolution

Illuminated signs

Gravity , London

devastated a number of famous retail brands that used to dominate our high street. Debenhams is one of the most famous victims in this revolution and had to close their store in Wandsworth - along with many other locations.

What will replace these famous names in our high street?  In the case of Wandsworth, the empty property allowed a fast growing leisure business, Gravity, to negotiate a new lease for the site. Gravity is going to turn this property into a place of leisure that will give many families a great reason to return time and time again to the high street. On this 80,000 sq. ft. facility they will offer Japanese E-karting, a dedicated street bar, a noodle kitchen, a New York themed restaurant, 14 full-length bowling lanes, urban street golf, e-sports, digital darts, a sports bar, pool, live music, and corporate events. So many good reasons for people to go back to their high street!

Signs Now was commissioned to take down the old Debenhams signage and install the new Gravity signage in its place. This was a complex and challenging project managed by Carlo Matarazzo. Carlo has worked for Signs Now for 20 years - since he graduated from university, and he is a key member of the Technical Committee of the ISA (UK). Carlo regards this project as the most demanding he has ever undertaken. Gravity have been delighted with the work and they are full of praise for Carlo's project management.

Gravity have an exciting and ambitious expansion plan that will see them expand across the UK and Europe. Carlo is already working on some other potential sites to be opened this year and next. Gravity aim to open between 8-12 further sites.

Further notes

  • The enquiry was given to Signs  Now on 23 October 2020
  • The first site meeting was held on 28 October 2020
  • There were a further 6 site meetings and 2 overnight surveys
  • Installation took place between March 22-26
  • Manufacture of the signs took 4 weeks from artwork approval
  • Almost all of the work was done overnight to meet with local requests


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