Establishing a national brand

Recruitment office

The Recruitment Group , UK

The Recruitment Group is a merger of six excellent independent recruitment agencies, each steeped in history. The uniting of these strong individual brands into the new group brings together over 90 years of recruitment industry experience in the leadership team alone. The Recruitment Group employs 90 staff across nine locations and there was a need to ensusre consistent branding across all the offices. That's where Signs Now came in.

Our approach is

  1. To carry out a detailed site survey of each exisitng office which we can do with our nationwide network of expereinced sign surveyors
  2. This allowed us to establish what signs needed to be replaced, how those signs were fixed, and to carry out a risk assessment of each site in preparation for a safe method of work for each site.
  3. Our designer made contact with the marketing people at The Recruitment Group to ensure that our signs complied with their brand guidelines - a tough challenge with signage where substrates, printers, inks and materials all affect the colour of a sign,
  4. The work had to be caried out quickly, preparatory to an announcement to all staff. We were able to use our network of installers tp get all sites ready in time for the deadline.


Sigsn Now has worked on many such projects over our 24 years of trading.

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