Digital Signage for Colleges

College digital signage

South & City College Birmingham , Birmingham

We are all familiar with the college which positions signage around the campus to welcome visitors, to give directions and to advertise the events and functions it provides.

In the 21st century we are all now accustomed to seeing moving and vivid images broadcast from large outdoor digital screens - whether when travelling along the motorway or when walking down our high street or inside a shopping mall.

Digital signage gives a college so much potential to communicate a wide variety of messages. Digital signs can provide a welcome and useful information for visitors, they can be used to advertise the courses available to passing potential students, they can promote forthcoming events at the college, they can provide safety or weather warnings, etc.

Communication is all under your control. We can provide you with the software to design and create your own images and videos. And there is lifetime technical support to go with the package as well.

South & City College Birmingham is one of the most dynamic and fast growing colleges in  the UK with over 20,000 students and 8 campus sites. Communication is key and we are working with the college to look at how digital signage both inside buildings and outside can meet this need,


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