Airport Signs

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Danaher & Walsh , Birmingham

Signs Now were asked by a large construction firm, Danaher and Walsh, to tender for signage work for Birmingham Airport as part of a substantial enhancement of the safety and security of the main terminals. This work had to be done by Christmas in time for the seasonal holiday rush.


Working on the site of an airport requires very high standards of workmanship, safety and security. Signs Now had to satisfy very strict criteria to qualify to do this work.


The work involved a number of road signs – all of them manufactured to a very high (British Standard) specification.


Roundabout signs were installed so that visitors to the airport are properly and clearly directed.


A particular challenge was the installation of a number of gantry signs above the roads into the airport – including digital signs to communicate messages to road users.


This was a very demanding project. We had to work to the specific health and safety standards required by the Airport and to the standards set by the building contractor, Danaher & Walsh.


During the project we had to block off various road lanes leading into the airport.


The gantry work – overreaching the road – had to be done at night.




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