Your Sign Guide for Colleges for Summer 2021

College sign

With the summer holidays quickly approaching, it is vital for colleges to showcase their image to impress new potential students.

There are a number of ways Signs Now can support colleges in doing this. If you take a look at our Sign Guide for Colleges you will see many examples from our 24 years of making signs for colleges.


Firstly, our monoliths collection. These are our tall free-standing signs which are usually situated at the entrances of colleges. Take a look at our images from Denstone College:




We can also offer flat cut letters which can be used both internally or externally. Our examples below show the signage we did for Christ College:


Flat cut letters

Post and Panels are another type of signage which Signs Now provide. These signs are great directory systems for colleges as they are usually located at the entrances to highlight various ways in, directions to the car park and different buildings around campus. Have a look at our signage for Telford College:

Post & Panel

Next up is our box tray signage which similarly to the flat cut letters can be used internally or externally.  Our example is taken from the City of Wolverhampton College:

Box tray

To complete the look in many colleges, we also offer window graphics which may be of interest. Having these creates a modern look for colleges and can be used to provide extra information. Please see our images below taken from Weston College. 

Window graphics