Signs Working for your Business


A recent survey revealed that 83% of business people consider their signage to be their most cost effective marketing tool.

This is because many customers subconsciously find that signage gives them a good idea of the values and messages that business conveys. Get it right and the customer clearly sees you as quality, as welcoming, as reputable, and professional. Get it wrong and the customer can be confused into seeing the business as cheap, nasty, uninviting, and not trustworthy.

The following factors are shown to be vital:-

1 COLOUR   - colours influence our subconscious mind - they can affect our feelings

2 SIMPLICITY - the customer will take in your message in a fraction of a second

3 TYPOGRAPHY - the right choices ensure that customers quickly grasp what you are telling them

4 PLACING - the position of the sign has to be considered if you are get maximum attention

5 LIGHTING - the right lighting can accentuate and enahnce your message