How Signs Are Used in Colleges and Universities

How Signs Are Used in Colleges and Universities

The use of strong signage in Colleges and Universities is essential as a brand image and marketing tool, as it enables recognition as an educational establishment, as well as a unique image. The other paramount function is of course, for helping visitors and students find their way around the campus. The first time visit is all important to making a good impression on prospective students and signs are the key component in helping them find their way around the campus easily.

Wayfinding Signs

When visitors first arrive on a College or University campus, it can be confusing and often overwhelming due to its size. First of all a visitor will in general, want to know where to park, this must be clearly visible. Having parked, directional information must be available on where the main campus buildings are located, such as the reception area. Directions must be effective not only for the first time visitor but also on a day to day basis. A fully comprehensive mapping and wayfinding system is vital to the success of any educational establishment, this will generally include names, arrows, symbols, signs as well as 'you are here' maps.

Brand Image

The consistency of brand image is fundamental, a successful College or University needs to have an identifiable image, one that won't be instantly forgotten or confused with another institution. The brand image will serve as an internal and external marketing tool for the institution itself, and for advertising upcoming events. It should also reflect the establishment's identity, whether it is a traditional college/university or a modern one. The use of brand images also allows Colleges and Universities to send out messages ahead of enrolment, through their marketing programs.

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Other types of signs in colleges and universities:

Of course brand image and wayfinding signage alone is not enough to enable a fully functional operation in any College or University. Many other types of signs are necessary.

Internal signs

Once inside any building, students and staff will need to identify different rooms and spaces. Name plaques for lecture rooms, offices, dining areas, shops, toilets etc. are extremely important, as are permission signs such as a No Entry sign, or Staff Only. Another consideration to bear in mind is that signs are often changed regularly in Colleges and Universities, rooms may change their functions, any system installed must enable the signs to be quickly and easily edited and changed such as our Insertz Wall & Door signs.

Access Related Signs

Ramps for the disabled and any lifts, stair cases must all be easily locatable. If any part of the campus is under construction there must be wayfinding alerts as well as diversions away from anything hazardous.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Signs

Any organisation, regardless of its size, must have fire safety implementations. Keeping people safe is of utmost importance. To check exactly what is needed please refer to

Notice boards for students and staff

A visible and easily accessible place to communicate and share ideas and opportunities.

Wall Images

It is becoming increasingly popular for establishments to liven up internal spaces with images. High quality sign companies offer products like Office Print Signs to cover wall space with large sized images.

Points To Consider When Choosing Your Sign Maker

When thinking about contacting a company for your university or college signs, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • How high are their professional standards? Look for testimonials and examples of previous projects. Any reputable signage company will have a strong portfolio.
  • Do they offer a free site survey?
  • Are they able to work with your institution to create functional designs that fully reflect your brand image?
  • Can they manage the whole project from start to finish?
  • Do they offer full cover against public and product liability insurance?
  • Are the staff trustworthy? Bringing a contractor into an educational establishment is not always a straightforward task. Any outside party should be CRB checked and cleared.
  • What kind of guarantee do they have and for how long? Responsibility and liability for signs is a very important consideration. Accidents can happen, it is important that both parties fully understand and record the safe life of signs.
  • Do they provide in-house installation? Subcontracting involves a 3rd party, that may or may not be up to the same standards.
  • Is a maintenance package available?

Signs Now meet and exceed the above points. You can read more about our college and university signs here.