Checking that your signs are safe

Hoarding Accident

The fall of an advertising hoarding in 2014 caused serious injury to a father and a painful trauma for him and his family who were with him at the time. This story has been featured in a recent edition of the IOSH Magazine - take a look

There have been a number of incidents over the last decade which have highlighted the responsibility of landlords to ensure that their signs are safely in place - given that a number of signs are positioned in a way where any collapse could be disastrous. For us a "risky sign" is one which, if it did fall, could cause serious injury - which is only a small percentage of all signs out there. This would include any signs installed at a great height and fascia and hanging signs.

Signs Now UK takes great care to ensure that signs are robustly made and safely fixed to allow us to offer our clients a 5 year warranty. After this period we do recommend that you inspect your "risky signs" on a regular basis. If you have any concerns then give us a call and we can some and have a look for you. It maybe that the sign is safe, it may be that it needs some repair or it may need removal and replacement.