Flex Face Signs

    Flex Face Signage is a type of system that is typically used for outdoor sign applications such as retail parks, shop fronts and other large customer facing signage. The name ‘flex face’ derives from the primary feature of the system; a tensioned flexible PVC banner substrate that stretches across the face of the sign to create something that resembles the skin of a drum. Flex faces are commonly referred to as “skins” within the industry.

    For you,as a client, if offers many advantages:


    • We can make as large a sign as you can wish for to advertise your business
    • We can illuminate the sign using cost-effective LEDs
    • By using a material called "day-night" we can ensure that your sign looks the same in the day-time as when illuminated at night
    • If you wish to change your signage you only need to replace the skin - not the entire sign system. So changing and updating signage becomes affordable

    Take a look at the many examples in our gallery and you can see the flxibility offered by this sytem - and the signs look great!