Signs Falling Down and Injuring

In 2014 we reported on an incident in Cornwall where a poorly erected sign came loose and landed on an 80 year old grandmother. Luckily, she was not more severely injured but the sign, which weighed 4 stones, could easily have killed her or somebody else.

The local council concluded that the accident was a result of a poorly fitted sign. In such a case it is the property owner and the sign maker who are regarded as being negligent in law.

To learn more and see a video of this awful incident take a look at this article from the Daily Mail.

As professional sign makers, we are aware that there are people working in the industry who have not been through proper training. When their mistakes lead to incidents, like the one above, it can be businesses like ours that also end up being seen in a negative light.

Not using an appropriate standard of materials is another issue which can lead to signs causing accidents. These individuals and companies may offer you a cheaper quote but it’s because they are opting for a substandard material.

At Signs Now, we always opt for quality. Not only does this mean that your sign will have a quality look to it (which will reflect on the way people perceive your business) but it also prevents accidents. Take the time to check out the company offering you the quote. Ask yourself; are they cutting back on quality and might this cause an issue later down the road?

All types of signage can come lose and fall down. The following video was taken in America where a Highway sign came lose in torrential weather, falling onto the path of oncoming vehicles:

In May 2015, an advertising hoarding collapsed, seriously injuring a woman in London, during ‘Storm Barny’ and in November a retail park sign came crashing down in Birmingham.This sign, which fell at Castle Vale Retail Park, landed on a dual carriageway and was so large that it needed to be moved by the emergency services.

Find out more and learn why Signs Now were called on to provide the replacement: 

Make sure you choose a quality sign makers who won’t scrimp on quality, therefore putting your staff, customers or passers-by at risk. We offer a 5 year guarantee on all signs that we produce and also on the work carried out to install them. On top of this, all of our production staff and installers are highly trained so you can feel confident in the end product. This gives our customers peace of mind that in that time, their sign is safe and fit for purpose.

To help you to choose the right company to make and fit your sign please refer to the Signs Now Checklist.