Essential Tips For Creating Compelling Retail Signs

The graphics outside your shop will ultimately determine whether or not someone will enter or just keep walking by. Your internal signage is responsible for an even more important task: turning visitors into paying customers. A recent study by FedEx Office revealed that business owners see great value in their signs and graphics and more than half of those surveyed find signs effective in attracting new business. Will your signs pass the fundamental test of converting a passer-by into a customer?

Our tips can help you through the design process and hopefully spark some ideas!

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re opening a new retail business, moving premises or refitting your old shop, then you already know the importance of planning ahead. When planning your shop layout, you should include your signage within this. Think of how signs can impact the customer journey in your store, how they can affect customer behaviour and how YOU can use that to your advantage.

internal retail signs example

What’s The Purpose Of Your Sign?

Once you know where your signs are going, you will need to consider their design based on their placement and purpose. A store-front branding sign will have completely different requirements to internal direction signs or point of sale signs. For example: store front signs are often large, striking logos to draw in potential customers and to stand out among other shops. Internal signs are often much smaller, offer more information and are conversion-driven to close the sale.

Design Considerations

Once you know where your signs are going and their purposes, you can start to map out ideas for their design. Remember to keep these pointers in mind:

Be Concise!

The most important thing about your signage is to be concise! Potential customers’ attention spans are shorter than ever and you need to compete with everyone else on the high street. Your external signage must be incredibly concise, whereas your internal signs should get your point across within just a few seconds.

contrasting colours on signs

Contrasting Colours

While your signage should reflect your branding, always choose contrasting colours for clear readability. Consider a light coloured font on a dark background, or a dark font on a light background. You’ll see that the backgrounds of signs are almost always a solid colour. Put a lot of consideration into your colour choices, as today’s fashionable colour could be tomorrow’s eyesore.

Clear, Readable Font Face

Readability is key when it comes to selecting a font too. Hard to read fonts will not attract customers and could potentially cause confusion. Test your fonts at different sizes, as some fonts that look clear when large may not be readable when made smaller.

Size Matters

Carefully consider the sizing of your signs. The size is hugely important as it will have a direct impact on the design of your sign. Logos and fonts may work with one size and not with another. A common problem is an outdoor sign not being large enough to read or attract attention. Always do your research when it comes to sizing. Signs Now can offer sizing advice with years of experience under our belt, so get in touch.

Have A Clear Call To Action

This pointer doesn’t really apply to external branding signs. However, when it comes to internal signage, strong calls to action convert into sales. A few examples of clear and concise calls to action are:

  • Act now
  • Buy now for X% discount
  • Free gift with X

Having a great call to action on a sign really is the key to making more sales in your store.

have fun with your signs

Have Fun!

Our final design tip is to have some fun. Nobody likes a boring sign. Be creative. Make sure your sign is striking. You will have to share a premises with your signs for a long time, and potential customers will judge your business based upon them.

So there you have it - killer design advice for creating your retail signs. It’s incredibly important to plan ahead and keep in mind where your signs will be placed and the purpose of the signs. Remember to make your sign readable, stay concise, and be clear about what you want your potential customers to do.

Signs Now offer a full design and consultation service for all of your signs. We offer a friendly, professional and local service that is both fast and competitive. Interested? Find your local branch now!